Pulse testing is used for product lifetime verification by dynamically loaded internal pressure effects within temperature changes of the test medium as well as the surrounding area.

Pulse testing consists of the pulsator and heating chamber and they are separated.


Heating chamber range

-70°C up to 180°C.

Rate of temperature change:

Temperature deviation:



Inner chamber volume:

960 liters

The circuit for testing samples of pressure pulses is applicable for:

PAG, POE, PAE, engine, gear, high temperature oils, and monoethylenglycol polypropylenglycol

Medium temperature regulated to a steady value in the range:

80°C up to 140°C.

Possible pulse shape:

Pressure ranges:

trapezoidal, sinusoidal.

0.03 to 6 bar, 0.075 to 15 bar, 0.5 to 70 bar, 1.5 to 200 bar.

Sample volume:


15 dm3 at a pressure of 100 bar

5 dm3 at a pressure of 200 bar


Examples of the pulsation testing application:

  • testing of automotive radiators,
  • testing of hoses,
  • testing of lubricating circuits, brake systems, filter circuits, with internal pressure vessels, screw joints, etc. This is not a destructive test, but a long-term tests with pressure pulses (typically up to hundreds of pulses).