Project Integrator of R&D

Project Integrator of R&Dcomprises of 11 specific subprojects and currently main tasks of cluster management. External project leader with great experience in the field are employed to supervise the outcomes

The GOAL is to support R&D in SMEs integrating large enterprises and universities to solve innovative challenges in automotive industry.

4 principal areas of R&D

  •  Plastics
  •  High-strength materials
  •  Moulds, tools and equipment
  •  Laboratory support in R&D


Projects in details:

Absorption properties of plastics

The aim is to develop multipurpose plastic components to combine primarily absorption properties (vibrations and noise) with various operational functions reducing other parts usage.

Rubber replacement by recyclable materials

By replacement rubber with recyclable plastic materials based on TPE the overall processing improves. Therefore techniques like injection moulding can be used

Silicone injection molds

Project utilizes the low viscosity properties of silicon with focus on high quality mould construction and its rheological characteristics.

Materials and surface finishing of molds for injection molding

The improvement of mould quality reflects improvement of final injected part leading to cost reduction due to mould fixing and increase of competitiveness.

Defects prediction of molded parts

As a result the e-catalogue will be designed carrying all the practice based knowledge of moulds usage and servicing. The application will reduce cost in technological preparation of mould construction and consequently in reduction of defects.

RFID code for forms, molds and tools tracking

Designed system will improve the tracking processes of expensive technologies (tools, apparatus and moulds) and increase effectiveness of the preventive mending.

Generalized tolerances

Deigned software with use of optical scanner will provide dimensional report that will lead to time saving and cost reduction due to discrepancies elimination between CAD model and real component.

Vibration in modern cars and their influences on the lifetime and noise of specific components 

The aim is to design overall technology of vibration testing of which acquired data will than improve the input data for components testing and construction and also it will help to analyze the root cause of defects.

Components joining: metal - plastic, plastic-plastic

The development of e-catalogue of joining principles will improve the joint construction, its adhesion, solidity, durability, tightness and appearance. It is designed for plastic and metal materials.

Laboratory support for research and development activities

Mobile innovation center base on TIPS methodology will support the constructers, managers, scientists, innovators searching for innovative solutions.

High strength steel components for the automotive industry

The subproject leads to verify the new type of construction (cutting, pressing), material and process in order to improve the utility properties of high strength steel.