The research & experimental noise lab is a project created in the cooperation of the Moravian-Silesian Automotive Cluster and - Technical University of Ostrava. The heart of the project is semi anechoic room that was built on the grounds of the Technical University of Ostrava It is a unique facility in the entire Moravian-Silesian region and its wide surroundings.



  • multichannel (up to 20 channels) measurements of all common acoustic variables (acoustic pressure, intensity, power)
  • normalized all measurements of objects  within 1.1m x 1.1 m x 1.1 m dimensions
  • for informative measuring the size of the object is limited by entry door into the semi anechoic room 1.25 m x 2m
  • noise measurements in combination with the measurement of vibration
  • years of experience in a variety of measurement applications in the automotive industry
  • design and methodologies development for selected applications, including ensuring the measurement results processing
  • software processing and evaluation of measured variables for acoustic design proposals also synchronized with high speed camera or thermo camera
  • noise measurements outside the laboratory premises
  • use of the scientific potential of the Technical University of Ostrava



  • measurements are exclusively conducted by measuring instruments of leading companies Brüel & Kjaer, and National Instruments
  • laboratory is equipped with noise analyzer B & K with 6-channel analyzer and NI with an 8-channels for the measurement
  • 230V/50Hz power socket are available of the measured objects and devices, and further 12V/10A/AC/DC and 24V/10A/AC/DC feed electronic devices for automotive
  • Semi anechoic room also offers water supply and drainage for operation noise measurement on the "white goods"