POSPOLU project

Project POSPOULU- promoting cooperation between schools and businesses


The quality and future of vocational education is a topic which is dedicated to ministers, heads of large industrial enterprises and small employers, school teachers and professionals in the private and public sectors. The role of parents, customers, employees covers almost all citizens of the Czech Republic. The mission of the project is to bring together experience and ideas of individual interest groups and based on their best assumptions  shared idea of ​​what model of cooperation between secondary schools and vocational training companies in the Czech Republic is suitable.


The main objectives of the project is to:

• map the current state of cooperation in all categories and groups of fields;

• describe ways to deepen cooperation between vocational schools and companies in the industry;

• Identify opportunities to support this cooperation, especially in relation to the pupil in the real world firms (to get students into companies, as long residence time in the company would produce the effect, how to plan concrete cooperation between universities and firms, as evaluated etc.);

• focus attention not only on development cooperation but on quality;

• Based on the knowledge gathered from various sources to propose a set of measures to promote and develop cooperation, which will focus on legislation, funding and teaching school.


Collecting suggestions on draft measures to promote cooperation and meeting other objectives, among others, ran together. By involving partnerships between schools and businesses in the project activities. Twenty-eight of the partnerships created between schools and businesses gave the realization team together valuable information about mutual cooperation to help create materials useful for other schools and businesses. One of these partners was also Silesian automotive cluster. Below we present vocational schools and companies involved for our partnership in the project, the history of the school's cooperation with the social partners and the experience and benefits that the school has brought together active participation.


Autoklastr in pilot phase is focused mainly on practical training, work experience, internships of teachers in the company, the use of practitioners and profile examination.

One of the most important outcomes of the project proposal is undoubtedly systemic measures

Schools and companies involved in the partnership:
  • Gate, and. S., Hradec nad Moravicí (www.brano.eu)
  • Brose CZ spol. s r. o., Kopřivnice
  • Continental Automotive Czech Republic sro, Frenstat pod (www.continental-corporation.com/www/hr_cz_cz)
  • FOR NORTH CZECH, a. S., Trinec (www.pronorth.cz)
  • Grammar and Secondary School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Frenštát pod (www.frengp.cz)
  • SOS and SOU and business services Jablunkov (www.sos.jablunkov.cz)
  • SPŠ and OA Bruntál (www.sps-br.cz)
  • Colleges, secondary vocational schools and vocational schools Koprivnica (www.voskop.cz)
Pilot verification is based between schools and businesses on the implementation of training and work experience for the following groups of students in the total number of 12,290 hours.
  • 8 students in the field Mechanic setter (OV)
  • 10 students in the field mechanic repairman motor vehicles (OV)
  • 5 students in the field Nástrojař (OV)
  • 10 students in the field of agricultural machinery repairman (OV)
  • 5 students in the field Electrician (OV)
  • 5 students in the field Autotronik (OV)
  • 18 students in the field Vehicles (OP)
  • 10 students in the field of Electrical Engineering (OP)
  • 19 students in the field of Engineering (OP)