Laboratory testing for heating and cooling devices was built by the Moravian-Silesian Automotive Cluster with the support of the Technical University Ostrava and Visteon. A modern laboratory with excellent parameters becomes unique in Europe. The device is ready to serve all the heat and cooling devices in the automotive industry, as well as manufacturers such as heat pumps, not only in the measurement of parameters, but further research and development.



  • Investigation of complete refrigeration and air conditioning systems behavior under the real working conditions - proper adjustment of circuits actuator and control algorithms.
  • Performance characteristics measurements of entire circuits or individual components - cooling capacity, compressor power, complete circuit energy efficiency or its individual components.
  • Use both for current refrigerants, as well as for new alternative refrigerants according to the strict requirements of EU legislation (Directive 2006/40/EC) with regard to leakage of refrigerant from mobile air conditioning systems.


The laboratory also allows the measurement of these parameters and special phenomena:

  • Effect of lubricating oil distribution and noise exploration.
  • Measuring characteristics of individual components.
  •  Measurement of total energy consumption - see the EU Commission requirement to reduce total CO2 emissions from cars.


Exterior chamber

Interior chamber

Interior dimensions (HxWxD)

2x3x2 m

2x3x2 m

Temperature range

-20 to 100 ° C

-20 to 70 ° C

The flowrate range of air at 20 ° C from

400 to 4000 m3/hr

90 to 900 m3/hr

Temperature range for air humidity control

From 15 to 50 ° C

from 15 to 60 ° C

Control the relative humidity range from

15 to 50% RH

15 to 90% RH

The total contribution of heating

15.6 kW

8.1 kW

The total contribution of cold

17.5 kW

7.5 kW










Exterior chamber is equipped with driving unit of test compressor with max speed 5000 RPM and maximum torque of 45 Nm. The electric motor is fitted with frequency converter with vector control.

Other types of measurements such as heat transmission of building materials, corrosion testing, operation with controlled humidity in negative temperatures, etc., can be also conducted. To measure heat pump system air-water lab is also equipped with a liquid module. Connection of own measuring devices is also possible, including a record of measured data under the accord with lab staff.