Cluster Ergonomic Center solves industry requirements approaching to ergonomics improvements of workplaces. In other words Cluster deals with working conditions of worker and thereby increase companies’ productivity.  Developed “Ergonomic Center” is oriented in to two major areas as follows:

First one is focused on real time workplace measurements in companies. Measured outputs confront with standards and regulations indicate witch operations are adequate, semi-adequate or inadequate in point of local muscular stress. According to results with negative impact suitable remedial actions are proposed. These measurements are supported by ErgoPAK - Portable Analysis Kit and

Measurements of minor pressure of the finger and hand

  1. FSR's - Force Sensing Resistors (450N)

position measurements

  1. Inclinometers (± 180 ° or 360 °)
  2. Accelerometers (accurate to 0.01g)

Measurement of pushing or pulling

  1. Large gauge (2270N) + accessories

"Pinch" test

  1. A small strain gauge (227N) + accessories



Second area enables to integrate ergonomic factors simultaneously with designing new workplaces. That secures the workplace design fulfills ergonomics principles to avoid occupational diseases of workers and to improve human machine interaction. This process is supported by Delmia V6 software developed by Dassault Systems.

NIOSH - lifting and placing evaluation

Snook & Ciriello - lifting, putting down, pulling, pushing and carrying in demanding conditions evaluation

RULA - load evaluation of the upper limbs, neck and trunk