for meetings of companies involved in the Moravian-Silesian Automotive Cluster / MAC.

The aim of the Code is to create voluntarily accepted ethical standards of conduct  together with all companies and organizations involved in the activities of the cluster, not only among themselves but also with other entities.


The companies involved in the MAC activity voluntarily accept to respect and follow these basic rules in their business:

  1. Comply with the legal order of the Czech Republic, the commitments resulting for the Czech Republic from international agreements, the cluster code of rules and other generally applicable legal standards.
  2. Consider consistent fulfillment of contracts, agreements, commitments and correct behavior among members of MAC and other business partners as a fundamental principle of their behavior. The MAC members consistently respect the contracts, standards and norms used in the automotive industry and agreements with their suppliers, customers and business partners, as well as any obligations arising from these documents.
  3. Not to use unfair practices in their activities, such as misleading advertising, illegal obtaining of information, bribery, price-fixing agreements, etc., which may endanger or harm other subjects in the market.
  4. Create an atmosphere of trust and absolute correctness by their attitudes and behavior within the MAC and its authorities.
  5. Develop and offer products and services in the required quality and safety, friendly to environment and health.
  6. Conduct a policy of continuous improvement in all measures to protect the health, safety and environment in order to achieve more favorable parameters than required by applicable legal standards and provide necessary assistance to the entities that may be generating activities in these directions affected.
  7. Provide each other with public information about companies.
  8. Vouch for the quality of their products and services, to the extent of applicable standards, certificates, descriptions and statements that refer to them and provide their business partners with any other information for optimal and safe use of sold products and services.
  9. Not to try to directly or indirectly acquire incorporated employees of other companies with the aim of obtaining economic benefits and information against the firm still employing these workers.
  10. Encourage employees to honest negotiations, fairness and personal responsibility also for the compliance of the "Principles."
  11. Influence their other business partners in the spirit of these "Principles."
  12. The Code of Ethics is a moral obligation of the MAC companies and its non-compliance can be regarded as a gross violation of the MAC interests and mission, see the article of the code of rules 5.9.
  13. This Code came into force upon the approval of the General Meeting on 22 October, 2009.